Meet Our Team

William Ly and Joel Fossouo Tagne, founders of PharmaHack, licensed pharmacists in Australia and graduates of the University of Newcastle Australia Pharmacy School.

William and Joel are long-time friends of over 5 years, going back to pharmacy school. They both share a passion for fitness and biohacking, which is simply the use of science or technology to make the body function better and more efficiently. As they’ve explored and delved deeper into this phenomenon of biohacking, the concept of “Hacking” has manifested in all facets of their lives. Their personal life experiences together with the concept of Hacking has helped them formulate PharmaHack.

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In 2018 Joel attended the Harvard Science Symposium in Boston Massachusetts, where he was also fortunate to attend the Biomedical Science Careers Program (BSCP). This conference brings together students from high schools, colleges, graduates and fellows, to network with representatives from health care institutions, biopharma/biotechnology firms, educational institutions, professional organisations and private industries. The BSCP highlighted the diverse range of career paths and opportunities available to pharmacist and pharmacy graduates. In Australia many pharmacy students are only exposed to retail or hospital pharmacy, this was a real eye opener for Joel. This unique experience has been a major catalyst in the formation of PharmaHack.

Joel Presenting at Havard Science Symposium (right)

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William began pursuing an MBA in 2018 at Macquarie University in Sydney, as his eyes were set on pharmacy ownership. During this time, he began to network with fellow students and like-minded individuals. This journey has exposed William to entrepreneurship beyond pharmacy ownership, where he has attended numerous start-up events in the health and technology space. Currently William continues his passion of biohacking and has joined up with fellow biohackers and university researchers, together they are working to develop their own range of innovative functional food products.

William presenting his business idea at The Macquarie Incubator Pitching Competition (right)


Hack Your Career – PharmaHack

The Team: Joel (left) and William (right)