It’s time to do what you love, earning what you're worth!

Don’t let the current state of pharmacy hold you back.

Pharmacist, In Charge:

  • Comprised of THREE active ingredients and administers an antidote to the current state of
  • Dispensed and labelled with SEVEN cautionary advisory labels or “counselling points” which serves to guide you on the path to a meaningful and fulfilling career.

After all the effort, sacrifices, money and time spent to get your pharmacy degree, you cannot be infected by the current state of pharmacy when an antidote exists.

Don’t be the passenger in your pharmacy journey, Take CHARGE now!

Imagine living a healthy and happy career doing what you love and earning what you are worth? You deserve it.
Your journey to a meaningful & fulfilling career, doing what you love and earning what you're worth, starts here!
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Sue Muller

CEO and Founder of LocumCo and Expert Recruitment Specialist

Getting first read of the book: Pharmacist, In Charge